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company philosophy


Due to the operation of our own oil mill, we focus on: cost-effectiveness, longevity, easy maintenance and comprehensible operation. During the production of our machines, we attach great importance to the respective equipment. We manufacture these by ourselves or have them produced by our long-standing partner.

                                                                       Our motto: durability & longevity

All our systems are designed "modular". Therefore they can be extended or changed at any time. We only use high-quality system components. This allows our machines, which we distribute worldwide, to be used efficiently in almost every country in the world. We value durability and thus combine tradition and modernity.


Energy and heat generation
Nearly 110 kW of photovoltaic systems generate sufficient electrical energy for our company-building.
For the heating of our operationally used buildings approx. 100 m³ domestic forest wood chips are consumed annually as well as approx. 5 t wood pellets. 10 m² of solar thermal energy heat the required process water.
We try to balance our annual consumption of approx. 10.000 l of diesel fuel with the production of approx. 100.000 l of vegetable oil per year.

Recycling of old machines
If one of our customers decides to sell their old oil pressing machine, we buy the machines and bring them back into shape. We sell the repaired machines as "used machines". So we make a small contribution to waste prevention.