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Milling and protein recovery:

We offer machines for further processing of oil press cake, e.g. for the production of flour or the recovery of protein.


For facilitating further processes, some seeds are crushed before pressing it to oil. 

The press cake produced during the oil pressing is premilled and comminuted with the flaker (~350µ).
The flocced cake can further be processed into flour or protein.

The machine "flaker" can also be used to flake oat (oat flakes) or tigernuts. 

rosehip seeds before flaking          flaked rosehip seeds

Fine grinding - pin mill
With the pin mill, the press cake is further processed into flour.

Protein recovery - concentrator
After further processing of hemp press cake with the machine "concentrator" you get the end products: hemp protein and hemp husk.

      hemp protein                               hemp husk

Proteins perform many different functions in the human body and are important for organ functions. Protein is used for further processing to pulp, pesto or can directly be mixed into muesli or used for baking.